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Sync unavailable with V6 Premium subscription

I have been using iPhone mSecure app and the mSecure sync option since V4-6 Basic with several devices including Windows desktop.

I have just purchased a Premium V6.0.4 subscription on a Windows computer via mSecure website. I did this as syncing between devices can only be done with this subscription.

The iPhone app shows as a Premium Account after the purchase and mSecure server as sync setting..

However, I am still unable to sync the Windows app or Android by the mSecure server (or any other type) as it keeps showing app as a non-subscriber (Settings/Account/Account Type). I reinstalled several times, no change.

Please advise.

hmmm - looking at the screenshots, I see 2 different email addresses.... one has a "." between the name, the other does not....perhaps this is the issue ?? The iphone email address appears to be the correct one as it shows the premium account , wheras the windows account has a different email address showing "non-subscriber"

@Ahik The problem is what @Noella pointed out. You have two different accounts, which makes it impossible for mSecure in the one account to see your subscription and it makes it impossible for syncing to take place. By looking at your accounts on our server, it appears you purchased the subscription using your "" email address (no period), so you'll need to get your Windows mSecure app signed in to that account. Do you have all your information up to date in mSecure on your iPhone? If so, you can simply reinstall mSecure on your PC and sign in to that account.

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