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mSercure 6 Essential subscription and groups/tags

As a mSecure 5 Pro user will I get to keep the functionallty of grouping/tagging once the existing Premium trial expires in 4 days?  

I am concerned that there will be functionally loss between the 5 Pro product and the Essentials subscription if this happens.  There have been many assurances of 'no loss of functionallity' for mSecure 5 Pro users in the new subscription model, is this really the case?

I would really like a clarrification before the trial expires and I need to decide if sicking with mSecure is my best option.




Hi James,

All of the features in mSecure 5 are contained in the Essentials subscription tier, which is what you have now in v6 because you purchased a v5 Pro license. With Essentials, you have the ability to add one tag on each record. If you need multiple tags, then you would need to sign up for a Premium subscription. You don't lose functionality in v6 if you have a v5 license. You only gain features, even if you don't sign up for a Premium subscription.

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