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M6 Changed Password Error messages (when the PW was not changed)

I have had a cascading set of failures since M6 (not happy) that have included synch issues, token error messages and a "you changed your pw on an other device" error messages.   These have been backed up with open tickets and screen shots submitted but there is no response submitting tickets. 

Scenario: i added a device to the cluster and synch over wifi.  the new device was a clone (backup) mac of my primary.  When i load M6 on the 2nd mac and have it as a secondary to the primary, synch fails followed by the PW message above.  After no response for days i finally went and reset my pw on my primary machine and synched devices, all of them worked, EXCEPT the second mac (seperate computer name) which failed with the pw error message.  I have deleted, reloaded, restarted multiple times, no change.  

forced upgrade to 6 decision stinks.  Forcing all your customers into the new sw before all the bugs are worked out is a strategically brutal decision.  Allowing users to lag behind early adopters allows those of us who KNOW there will be issues to avoid a lot of them.   I am sure your company is overburdened with issues which only exacerbates the issue.   Think differently next time

please advise on errors

I'm not sure if you are running into other issue in mSecure, but what you are experiencing here, if I understand you correctly, has nothing to do with the upgrade. When you say you cloned your Mac, are you saying you restored from a Time Machine backup? If so, you are dealing with the same issue we have had to deal with for years in mSecure 5. Not many customers do it, but when they do this, it causes the problem you are experiencing where mSecure thinks the password was changed on another device.

I can help with this now if you would like, but you seem to be complaining about a myriad of other problem since the v6 upgrade. Do want to work on the other problems now or later? If you want to work on them now, please explain all of the issues you are dealing with, and I'll help in any way I can.

I would love to work on the issue you described in the itial response.  This is the root of the issue.  The token issues were subsequent.  My guess is if we can solve the first issue the subsequent issues will go away

initial issue:  Restored a macbook air with current primary mac (pro) copy via Time Machine.    This started the passord error issue, which was the first of the issues.  So if this existed in 5 can you send me the fix procedure for this please?   I would be happy to address this and then determine of token and synch issues continue or not. 

Since you have all your data in mSecure on different devices, you can fix this by simply resetting mSecure on the Mac that is not working correctly. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Open mSecure on your Mac, and look in the top left corner of your screen. You should see "mSecure" in the menu bar. To the right of "mSecure," you should see the word "Help." You'll click on that in step #2 below.

2. Click Help in the menu bar at the top left of your screen. A contextual menu will appear. Hold down the "option" key on your keyboard, and you should see three hidden options appear at the bottom of the contextual menu.

3. Click "Show Data File in Finder", and a Finder window will appear revealing mSecure's database file, which is named, "mSecure.mscb"

4. Close mSecure

5. Move the "mSecure.mscb" file to the trash

Now you have reset the Mac app, and you're ready to sign back in to your mSecure account:

1. Open mSecure on your Mac if it is closed

2. Skip the welcome screens to go directly to the Sign Up / Sign In screen

3. Click "Sign In"

Enter your mSecure account's email address for the username, then enter the password for that account to sign in to it.

Thank you for procedure.  I followed the process precisely, 3 separate times.  

I still get the "password changed" message after successful authentication .  ie. popup window with:  "Password Changed  your password has been changed on another device. Please log in using your new password.".   

It seems to be delayed enough that it did synch to the server and download my file.  but then i am forced out.   If i log into the server, i get the same message on the 2nd computer (which of course shuts down the app). 

If i log back in on the client computer, i get the password changed message on the serving computer (its like ping-pong).

I made sure the Client is properly set as a client, i.e. "Main computer" is not checked, and is properly checked on the server.

I included a screen shot from the serving computer. 

I'm not sure why that didn't work. I'm pretty sure the system is seeing your Mac with the same identifier as the Mac from which you restored the Time Machine backup. I have a couple of more thing to try. First, go ahead and uninstall mSecure from your Mac. After you have moved it to the trash, follow the instructions again to delete the database file like you did in the last instructions I sent. After you have deleted mSecure and the database file, go ahead and reboot your Mac.

After restarting and installing mSecure again from the Mac App Store, are you able to sign in?

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