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mSecure fails to launch on Windows 10

Please note mSecure does not load on Windows 10 anymore. It shows the launch screen for about 30-40 secs and then the application closes without any error. It works fine on my Android device. I have purchased the license using the website. Kindly suggest the corrective actions.

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@Mike - mSecure,  As no one in your organization appears to be looking at my ticket, please take a look at ticket #89187. 

It outlines the error, contains error logs and the steps I have run that *appear* to have stablized  Msecure on both of my windows machines (so far). 

It involved brute force deletions to Msecure directories in Windows and removal of some registry files, along with resetting the Windows Store cache, 
Not sure if this is the solution, but a diff of the registry before and after, showed some significant changes to the registry files.  

Hi Mike, we urgently need our passwords in the Windows version! We normally use the Windows version a lot during a day! The fact that the passwords are still available in IOS only helps to a limited extent! We install several servers, VPN connections, root / sub CAs a day with passwords / keys with mostly a number of characters greater than 40!!! Can you imagine what it means not to be able to do this via copy and paste? Not to mention transmission errors! What is the current status? When is there a solution? ... and as I had requested earlier already: what about compensation?

Yesterday, we submitted a new build to the Microsoft Store, so after the review process is finished, it will be published. Once you are able to download, you'll no longer experiencing the freezing you are seeing on mSecure's splash screen.

Guys, after the usual processes such as looking for an update in the Microsoft Store, finding out that it does not work even after the update, then deinstallation of the app, reinstallation of the app and restore the latest backup: you have to realize that there is already a new error: now the app actually does start, but the groups have disappeared again – which you finally have solved to call „Tags". When are you finally be able to create a version that works?

@Einkauf What you are reporting here is not something we are hearing from other users, so if the tags have actually been lost, at this point, I don't believe it was caused by the update. Can you let me know why you think your tags have been lost?

Hello Mike, sorry I did not mean the „Tags“. Tags are visible. When I select a Tag, the Group is opening, but sorting within the Group it only appears in alphabetical order and not sorting  by templates.

@Einkauf I'm sorry I'm having troubles understanding what you mean here. When you select a tag in the left column, the records you see in the middle column will only be those containing that tag. If you want those records to be grouped, you have to click the three dots to the right of the star at the top of the middle column and then click "Show groups." If you want to sort by Template, then you can click the down/up arrow icon to sort by Template. That is all working for me on my PC.

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