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… annoying customers… Continued…

Hi Mike, sorry for my absence here the last few days. I intended to respond to you sooner but things have been very hectic.

I am a licensed user of version five. I have done nothing with my installation. I have not upgraded. I have not joined the beta program. But suddenly I find myself interrupted every time I need to log on to one of my accounts online. The process of getting logged in to each account includes at least 2 to 3 interruptions from mSecure telling me that I have to upgrade to version six. 

I fully intended to upgrade to version six as I have been a loyal customer of mSecure for many, many years. But I just don't have the time and opportunity to do it today, tomorrow, or any day between now and the time my tax return is filed. So I'm going to have to put up with this annoyance multiple times every day until the pressure is off and I can relax and take the time to do some system upgrades.

Hi John,

I'm sorry there isn't any way to turn off the messages about updating. I know it seems like they happen more than they need to, but we needed to make sure people knew they were in a state where the needed to upgrade, because mSecure 5 isn't compatible with mSecure 6. If the app isn't updated on different devices once the account is updated, then data isn't syncing in v5, and we needed to make sure everyone was aware of that.

It is possible to stop the messages, but it does require you resetting your account. If you were to do this, you would also need to make sure you know which device upgraded to v6 so as to not open again until you're ready to start using the new app. As soon as it's opened, then it will update the account again, and then you're back in the same place with the upgrade messages.

Do you want to try resetting your account to continue using v5 on the devices that haven't updated yet?

Sorry to hammer you on this, but as I said, elsewhere, this method of upgrading is pretty assuming. The experience is not something that I’d recommend. I probably sold quite a few MSECURE customers for you and with all that I’ve seen on this version upgrade, I will hesitate before I recommend MECURE.


Are you talking about the method of doing a direct upgrade from one version to another? In the app stores, you can either create a brand new app for a new version, which is what we did in mSecure 5 with incredibly terrible results for many, many users, or you can choose to directly upgrade the previous version, which is what we did here and was done in every other major update of mSecure prior to mSecure 5. It's also the way most apps in the App Store are upgraded, as it's incredibly difficult for most users who decide to transition to the new app and also for the developers who then have to manage multiple apps.

What is it specifically about the v6 update that did not go according to your liking? If you experienced a problem, the first thing I would like to do is help you get everything working the way it should work. If it's that you don't like the fact that it was upgraded automatically, I hope that's explained in the above paragraph. One thing to clarify is that we can't force an update to take place on your device, because that's all handled by Apple, Google and Microsoft. If automatic updates are turned on for the app store, then the update is downloaded according their policies. If you think you have to sign up for a subscription, you don't have to do that if you have a v5 license, because you now have an Essentials account at no cost. If it's that you think you lost features, you didn't lose any features that you had in v5.

Is there something else that happened that's causing problems after the update?

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