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Why do you annoy customers…? Are you trying to drive us away?

You've apparently rushed to market with a faulty release if one if the most critically important tools that we use in our work. Every day. Multiple times a day.

Then… you slam us in the face with a constantly interrupting message imploring us to upgrade - with every click we make.

Do you understand that some (many) companies have testing and deployment policies that take weeks or more to complete before rolling out a new version?

Hi John,

We certainly aren't trying to annoy customers, nor are we trying to drive them away. That wouldn't be a very good business model now would it?

I don't know what you are dealing with in the app, but I should be able to help if there's something wrong.

Also, you shouldn't be getting slammed in the face with every click you make. If you happen to be using mSecure outside of the 30-day Premium trial, which should not even be impossible right now, then you will be told if you don't have access to a paid feature. There's no other choice. If you clicked on an option and it simply didn't work with no message telling you why it's not operational, and nothing telling you how you can get access to the feature, would that be better?

The thing is, right now, since we're less than 30 days out from the release, you should still have somewhere around 15 days left on your Premium trial. Therefore, you should have access to all of the features in the app. Can you tell me if you are seeing your trial is expired? If it's not expired, can you tell me the messages you are seeing every time you click on something?

In response to your assumption about our release policies, we have a public beta program that lasted well over 6 months, and before we released, any problems you may be dealing with now didn't surface. Like many applications people use, after a major release, there are typically bugs that need to be fixed. We do everything we can to make sure a release will go as smoothly as possible, then all we can do after the release gets published is simply work as hard as we can to get issues resolved as quickly as possible as customers bring them to us. That is exactly what we're doing now. 

Hi Mike, sorry for my absence here the last few days. I intended to respond to you sooner but things have been very hectic. I am a licensed user version five. I have done nothing with my installation. I have not upgraded. I have not joined the beta program. But suddenly I find myself interrupted every time I need to log on to one of my accounts online. The process of getting logged in to each account includes at least 2 to 3 interruptions from mSecure telling me that I have to upgrade to version six. I fully intended to upgrade to version six, as I have been a loyal customer of mSecure for many, many years. But I just don't have the time and opportunity to do it today, tomorrow, or any day between now and the time my tax return is filed. So I'm going to have to put up with this annoyance multiple times every day until the pressure is off and I can relax and take the time to do some system upgrades.

Hi John,

Thank you for describing the issue you are facing in more detail. The reason you are seeing the message about upgrading is because at least one of your apps has upgraded to v6. When this happens, the other apps tell you that an upgrade is needed, because v5 is not compatible with v6. You can still continue using v5 if you would like, but syncing will no longer work. Records can be added, edits can be made, but the app is letting you know that you're in a state where an update is needed.

Do you know which app has been updated, by chance? The updates can take place automatically if automatic downloads are set for the app store on the device, so I'm assuming that's what's happened here. My advice would be to upgrade to v6 on your devices, and if you have a v5 Pro license, there will be no charge, and you will lose any features.

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