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Soporte mSecure

Ver hangs at start

Updated to version recently on my Windows 10 desktop system.

The mSecure app has an annoying habit of hanging for a few seconds on opening.

When I first open the app the Sync Icon is greyed out and the app is brain dead for about 10 seconds.

Also, when I click the search bar the sync icon is greyed out and the app  hangs for about 10 seconds,

Very annoying.

Help and suggestions appreciated.

I have Google Meet working.

Mike any chance we could meet this morning? I had a change in plans. Would 10AM PST work?

Mike, I had a change in plans. Any chance we could meet at 10AM PST?

10 didn't work. Can we change it to 4PM then?

Oh...shoot. I didn't see what you meant in your previous message Hugh. I thought you were just telling me that Google Meet will work =)  I think 4pm is going to be getting too late for me, since that's 7pm my time. Do you want to reschedule for tomorrow?

Actually, now I'm seeing what happened. I just noticed that for some reason, your previous posts when to spam in the forum. That happens occasionally, and I'm not sure why. I'm approving them now. I'll pay attention to that throughout the rest of my day and tomorrow morning to see if you reply again Hugh.

Tomorrow will work. Is 2PM OK?

2PM is perfect. I'll talk to you tomorrow Hugh.

Hey Hugh...I'm in the meeting now:

Trying to connect

I just saw you in the meeting, and I went to push the button, but I don't see you there now. Are you needing to reschedule?

My setup here is not letting camera to connect . Give a minute

no problem

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