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The move to pay as you go (Software as a Service)

I have been using mSecure for a long time now. I think I have paid for the app twice now. I am fine with migrating to the Essentials Account or whichever it is going to be called. What I would like to know is am I going to have to see the upgrade to our paid premium pop up in the lower left corner of the desktop app every time I open it? That is something I am not fine with. I hate that the world has decided that instead of letting someone buy something and just have it because they bought it, we need to find out how to push everything onto a monthly subscription service and shove it in the face of the people who don't want to jump right into it. So, if I am going to see popups or banners or whatever reminding me how great my life would be if I switched on over to a premium account so I can get several more services that I won't use and don't need please let me know now so I can call a close to a good long running relationship and go find another tool for my password management.

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for contacting us. While I'm not sure if the banner will always be in the lower left corner, for now, until a subscription is purchased, it will be displayed. That means that even when the Premium trial expires, it will still be displayed even with a v5 Pro account.

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time. everyone else is doing it so why shouldn't we right? I am not going to stare at sales banners every time I open an app that I already paid for. I am fine with buying new versions when you come out with them but pestering me into paying monthly is a level of greed that I don't Roed to deal with and won't.I am sorry you decided to go this way I will no longer be suggesting Msecure to others. as soon as I find an alternative I will be switchg over to it. I am sure you don't care as there will be fifty gerbils willing to pay in my place.

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