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New version

You just upgraded me to version.  Now I cannot see any PIN.  When i press it, it says that it was added to clipboard.  Help.  The only reason I have this is to see my passwords.

Hi Max,

I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you saying you are able to get into the mSecure app, but you are not able to see your data? If you are in the details view of a record, can you try tapping the eye icon to the right, which will reveal the hidden data? The icon is too small right now, but that will be fixed soon, so you have to be very careful when you press it.

When I tap the eye icon, or the . . . . , whichever, all I get is a message that it has been copied to clipboard.  I cannot get in to see the pw.

Hi Max,

If you are on an iOS device, the reason this is happening is because the eye icon hit area is too small, something we're addressing in the next version of the app. If you are able to tap it just right, the password will be revealed.

Until the hit area is enlarged, you can go to the Settings of mSecure and turn off the Hide Sensitive toggle. Once you do that, all of the data in sensitive fields will be shown in plain text. You can either leave that toggle off or turn it on when opening and then off before closing until the hit area for the eye icon's hit area is enlarged.

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