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Need my passwords back and need my PAID upgrade to actually work instead of being essentials

Just like everybody else I'm extremely upset with the automatic upgrade and to top that off mSecure 6 doesn't work at all on my PC. I can see there are 652 items in All Items but that number is grey and I can't see any of the actual items. So I can't get to any of my passwords on my PC or search them. Then I get an email with the fix to go get a backup. Since I've been backing up to msecure cloud you'd think that would be backup enough. I mean come on guys get your act together. On top of all that, I upgraded to see if I could fix this quick because I really need my passwords to work in my password software, and I thought they were screwing me somehow, but that didn't fix it at all. Now I can CLEARLY see that I've upgraded and my subscription ends NEXT YEAR but just for fun the msecure team still has the Essentials Account count down which is now 25 days. So I guess I paid and still didn't get the upgrade to 6. Makes you kind of wonder how secure your data is if they botch an upgrade so bad doesn't it? Oh and btw I put in a ticket yesterday and not a word yet. So glad I paid for software I can't use.

Hi Bob,

The reason you haven't heard back from support yet is because we are backed up in support, like it is with every new release. However, I'm trying to help here in the forum as well. Would you like help in getting things working, or would you like to get a refund for the subscription your purchased?

Hi Mike. I would love to get this working because right now all I can do is go to my phone save the password in a DropBox text file then get it on my computer. All of my passwords on the PC are grayed out and I can't search anything. 

I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say that you see there are 652 items, but that number is gray. I think that's the way it should be, which is the way it also looked in mSecure 5, but it sounds like you are seeing something specific about it being gray, so I need to make sure we're on the same page. Is there something specific with the number being gray that causes you alarm?

If the number says 652, and especially is that's the same number you see next to All Items/Records in the app on another device, that means those records are being seen in the app. Is it possible you have a filter set that's causing your records to be hidden? First, check at the top of the middle column. Is the star icon to the right of the search field yellow, and if so, click that star to disable it and see if there are records displayed.

Next, in the search field, do you see any characters typed into it? If you do, click the X to the right of the field to see if that will cause records to be displayed.

If none of those things help, what happens if you simply click "All Items" at the top of the left column?

One last thing, do you have access to your information on another device running either mSecure 5 or 6? If so, what type of device is it?

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