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v6 Reorderable record fields


Loving v6 Premium so far. This is probably a stupid question, but one of the Premium features is the ability to reorder record fields, can anyone tell me exactly where this is? Is this to allow you to change the order of record fields on the template form? I'm assuming this is the case as it would be structurally complex if each individual record was allowed to have its fields to be re-ordered. Can someone confirm?

As a follow on, if you are allowed to change the order of the fields in the template form and on Premium, if you do downgrade to Essential in the future, the fields will return back to the original positions but there would be no data loss?


I have found that on my macbook or PC, I am able to hold down my left mouse button on a field and then drag the field within the record to wherever I want it to appear. As an example, some of my records have the password field appearing before the username field - I simply drag the username field above the password field as my preference.

@Noella, thank you for this, I didn't realise you could do that. That's great, I understand now. Thank you!

@Mike, my question still stands in that in future if you downgrade back to the Essentials package, would those fields just go back into the original order and no data loss?

@Ai It's really good to hear you're liking the new version! The reordering of fields on the record, as @Noella described, is what the Premium feature refers to. So the Essentials subscription allows for the reordering of fields on the Template, like you could do in mSecure 5 and before, and the Premium feature allows for reordering of fields at the record level.

If you downgrade to Essentials, your fields should stay in the same order they were when you moved them around with the Premium subscription. It is not programmed to move them back to a default position.

@Mike, thanks for clarifying.

No problem @Ai!

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