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How soon after payment for upgrade using Visa credit card will I see new upgrade. The 22 days of essential remaining is still showing after payment

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Hi Ger,

I checked your account, and it shows you have purchased the subscription. First, I want to make to explain that 22 days remaining is for the Premium trial and not Essentials. There is no trial for the Essentials subscription tier. However, that doesn't help in your case, because I can see you signed up for a Premium subscription.

I see at least one Android, iOS and Windows device has signed in to your account at some point in the past. Real quick, do you see the trial messaging in all of your mSecure apps, and if not, which ones are showing you're still in the Premium trial?

Mike thank you for your reply. The 22days was removed and the subscription commenced about 5 hours after after I subscribed so now everything is OK Ger

That's great news Ger! Please let us know should you need further assistance.

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