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Password Manager Special Character Exclusion List

I'm running mSecure6 and I can't seem to find the location of where I can specify the inclusion/exclusion for special characters. I only have the option to select Include all, None, Exclusions, Include only and no way to edit the characters associated to these lists.

Hi Nathan,

You should be able to enter text in the Exclusions field after you click the radio button, or empty circle icon, to the left of "Exclusions" in the Password Generator Settings. When you click the gear icon in the password field, do you see the word "Exclusions"? After you click the circle before that word, are you able to enter characters in the field to the right?

Okay, now I see the field that appears below the Special Characters field button. I previously did not see it as you have to scroll down to see it, and since I was focused on the password being generated, did not initially see this.

No problem at all Nathan! Thank you very much for your time, and please let us know should you need further assistance.

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