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Change server for wifi sync on new mac desk top

I have a home wifi network and have using wifi sync with secure 5 using my older macAir. I have new mac mini desktop that I want to use as the server going forward. How do I change from the old computer to the new one as server and then have  my devices sync to the new server (iPad and iPhones)?

Hi Ben,

In order to change over to using your new computer, you will need to check or turn on the "Main Computer" option in the Sync Settings for mSecure on the new computer. That setting is what determines which mSecure app is the server of your information.

One thing to mention, mSecure 6 was released about a week and a half ago. If even one of your mSecure apps have updated to v6, you'll need to make sure all of them are updated before they will be able to sync.

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