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M6 Questions

Hey - Just a few questions.

1.  Just verifying the new log in screen is a dark blue?  As others noted, I was not aware that my auto updates would install this but hey that's on me.  The new log in threw me off (not sure if there is capability to let people know - kind of disconcerting when your life's security is tied to an app to see a change happen without a head up:)

2.  I know I cannot revert on my one PC that auto updated, but can I chose not to upgrade on my other PC - or will it be required at some point?

3.  Is the version that updated on my PC a tested version or beta version?

3.  The app on my Iphone informed me I needed to upgrade but it does not seem available.  Should it be?  And are there any syncing problems having two different versions?

Thanks in advance for your time and sorry if any of these are repeat Qs.


I'm so annoyed with this update-- I got this app because of their pitch about never having a subscription model.   So should we mSecure 5 buyers expect to lose any features?  

@Lin Thank you for contacting us. When your account has been upgraded to an mSecure 6 account, the only version that will be able to sync is mSecure 6. So while you could continue to use mSecure 5 on other devices, the app is no longer supported, and you would have to create a new account in order for the functionality to continue to work as it used to. We're wondering, however, is there a reason you don't want to update to mSecure 6? You don't lose any features (you actually gain features), you don't have to sign up for a subscription, you get a fully supported app, and there is no charge. Is there something happening that causes you concern?

mSecure 6 has been fully tested, which isn't to say there haven't been any bugs we had to fix. We would never send out an update to all of our users that is a beta version. Before v6 was released, it was in a beta program for more than 6 months, so it was tested "in the wild" for quite awhile before being released. Just to be sure, are you running into a problem that makes you think it's still a beta version?

The iOS update is not showing up for a handful of users for some reason. We've actually never experienced this before, so we don't know why it's not showing that the update is available. However, we have recently found that if you use this direct link, you'll should be able to download the update:

If you do choose to update on your iOS device, did the direct link help Lin?

@Aaron I'm not sure why you are annoyed with the update, but we're hoping as you get used to the new version you'll see it's advantage. If you have a V5 license, you don't have to pay for a subscription, and you don't lose any features (you actually gain features). With a v5 license, after your Premium trial expires, you have access to Essentials features moving forward.

Mike - Thanks for the response.  The upgrade was more for a another user in the home but they are all good.  The Beta question was more about something I had read, so thanks for clarifying.  The update showed up this week so must have been timing - sorry I could not verify whether the link worked.  

I'd like to make one note.  I have an Iphone Se (2020).  When I opened the updated version - the lack of contrast and the darker print made it REALLY hard to read the "What's New" and added features.  The print was also really tiny.  And my phone did not allow me to zoom.  I took screen shots.  Not sure if anyone has noted but if the marketing department wants to get some to upgrade and subscribe to these features they should make it easy for the features to be read. 

@Lin Thank you very much for the feedback on the What's New screen, and no problem at all with not being able to verify the link I sent. It's just good to hear you were able to get the update downloaded!

I have it on our list to update both the font color and size for the What's New screens. I'm actually very surprised I haven't heard other comments on those screens. I'm not sure when it will be updated, but it is on our list.

Thank you very much for your time, and please let us know should you need further assistance.

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