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mSecure 6 Crashing on MacBook Pro

Hello - I have tried to install mSecure 6 on my MacBook Pro 16 (2021) and it continues to crash after attempting to sync over iCloud. I have tried the method of deleting mSecure and reinstalling, as well as deleting/trashing the data file in FIND via the option key in the 'Help' menu method. PLEASE HELP!

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@Ahmed I understand completely. That makes perfect sense. Let me talk to our developer today, because we may be able to get this pushed through TestFlight, which is Apple's official system for beta testing or dealing with app issues of this sort. That's not a production release, but do know if that would acceptable to your InfoSec team?

Hi Mike , 

Earlier today I sent my 6.0.3 crash-log via mail.

Br Ron


Here is my logging data after trying the Production app. Once again, I did not make it past login when the app crashed.

I sincerely hope this information can help your developer. Thank you for your correspondence!

Hi Mike,

Yes testing using TestFlight is acceptable and i will be happy to support.


Really difficult. The programme can no longer be started on any Mac (OS 12.3) since the 6.0 update. What can we do? 

@Ahmed Our developer was able to get the app uploaded to TestFlight for Mac, so you should now be able to download it. I will just need to get your Apple ID that you use on your Mac from you, and I can add you to our TestFlight list for access. If you don't want to type that out here in the forum, go ahead and send an email to, and then let me know here that you sent it. I'll look at it as soon as I see you sent the email, and respond to you.

@Konrad We are aware of the problem, which is affecting a handful of our users, and we're trying to get information to figure out what's causing it to happen.

Thanks to the logs other users have provided, our developer has gotten closer to figuring out what's happening. He's now given me a logging build in hopes that users will install it and send in new logs with more details. You'll be able to run this build from anywhere on your computer, so you don't have to install it over the top of the production release in your Applications folder.

Furthermore, it's the same build as in Production, so it's safe to use. As a precaution, though, I always have user make a quick backup to their desktop just in cases something completely out of the ordinary happens. You can do that by opening mSecure, clicking "File > Backup" in the menu bar at the top left of your screen, then save the backup to your desktop. After you do that, you can download the zip file from here:

After it's downloaded, simply double-click the file to unzip it, then double-click the mSecure app icon to run the app from that same location.

You will want to make sure that logging is still enabled following the instructions below.

First, open the "Console" app. You can find that in the "Utilities" folder in your "Applications" folders, or you can simply bring in Spotlight and type in "Console."

After you have opened the Console app, follow the instructions below:

1) Click into the search field in the top right, and type in "msecurelog" and press the "return" key on your keyboard

2) Click "Start streaming" in the main window

3) Open mSecure, click "Help" in the menu bar at the top left of your screen, then press the "option" key on your keyboard

4) In the options that show up at the bottom of the Help menu, click "Enable logging"

5) mSecure should have closed by now if it crashes, so open it, and you should see logging in the Console

6) Click on any of the log entries, press "command+A" to select all, copy it to your clipboard, and then paste that data into a new TextEdit document.

7) Save the text document, then attach that in your next response

Hi Mike,

I've emailed you. Thank you again and your team for working hard to get this resolved ASAP.

Just responded to your email @Ahmed. Thank you so much for your willingness to help with this!

Hi Mike - logs emailed back. Thanks again. 

Thank you very much Ahmed. I'm getting them over to our developer now, so I'll get back to you via email after he has a chance to analyze them.

"...after he has a chance to analyze them."  This line worries me.

Any update please, it's now 5 days ago we heard something.

I would love an update as well...although I was the one that originally started this string, I haven't been able to reply and/or engage as actively as some of the other users (thank you to them for sharing their logs and keeping the conversion going). With that, it has been 15 days since we initially started this conversation, and still nothing. I am curious, are there users out there that have succeeding been able to run the mSecure 6 app on a Mac machine, without the crashing issue that all of us are experiencing?

Good day all,

Ron and Michael, to give you a quick update, and I am sure Mike (mSecure) will reply as well to confirm, but we've been actively working with the developer (myself and couple of other test users) to test multiple builds that helped him troubleshoot and isolate the issue. Happy to report that the last build pushed to us for testing last night and we've tested this morning proved to be working and stable as the root cause issue was identified and fixed.

I've been using the app for years, and happy to continue to do so as well as recommending it to family and friends. Despite that this issue was annoying, but their persistence to try to resolve it was very much appreciated.

Thanks Mike and Ray again.

Ahmed - Thanks so much for the update....I figured something must have been going on in the background,  but was unsure of the progress/success/eta. Good to hear that the root issue was identified, and that at least so far there seems to be a fix. Do we know when the rest of us be able to test the proposed solution?

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