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mSecure 6 on Mac

I use mSecure on my Mac and also on my iPhone and iPad, only the Mac is showing as v6 at the moment and I understand that the updates are rolling out gradually to all platforms.  Has anyone else ended up being asked to "set a password" on their Mac even though it already had a password set.  Not sure if this is an intended action following the update  to v6 or whether something has gone wrong on mine. I have raised a support ticket but just curious if anyone else has experienced the same thing. 

Hi Karen,

To clarify, while the update for iOS and Mac were rolled out gradually, that only affected those who would receive the update automatically. From Wednesday on when V6 was releases, anyone could go to the App Store and manually download the V6 update. Have you gone to the mSecure page in the App Store to update the app on your iOS devices?

Also, you should not have to set a password for mSecure after the upgrade to V6. Can you explain in more detail what you mean by this? I haven't seen this in my own testing, and I haven't heard it reported by other customers, so I don't understand what's happening.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your response. I wasn’t too bothered about the devices not having v6 yet but was more concerned as to why I was being asked to set a password to secure my data when it already had a password set. As soon as I launch the app on the Mac it throws up a splash screen asking for the password to be set and a hint box to be completed.  It’s almost as though it’s a new installation and looking to be set up from scratch. As I wasn’t confident enough to just add my password (I do know what it is) I thought I would leave it until I got a response from you or anyone else who has seen similar. 

Is it possible for me to install it on my Husband’s Mac (not sure if it’s a single user license) that way I could make sure all devices are in sync and then uninstall it from my Mac and reinstall it. Thinking about it I suppose I could just reinstall it on my Mac as it would be the same result i.e. as long as all devices are synced to the new install we shouldn’t lose anything… hope that makes sense…

No problem at all Karen! I still need to get some clarification from you real quick. You mentioned that mSecure is showing the splash screen, then asking you for your password. This is normal behavior when you're opening the app. Is it asking you enter your username/email address as well?

Hi Mike, Sorry, I may have misled you. Normally I use touch for the password but it’s as though mSecure doesn’t know I have a password already set so wants me to set one. It says it needs to be the same as other devices so that it can sync but I have never been asked to set the password previously as it was already set… It just asked for the password to be ‘set’ to protect me nothing else other than adding a hint in case of a forgotten password. So pretty much as though the app doesn’t know it was all already set previously…

Hi Karen,

I'm sorry I'm having such a hard time understanding the situation, but I'm still needing clarification. I'm not aware of any messaging in mSecure that tells you passwords need to be the same as on other devices so that it can sync. Is it possible for your to simply send me a screenshot of what you are seeing after you open the app and it asks you for the password? If I can see what you are seeing, it should clear up all my confusion.

Hi Mike,  

Sorry I've not made it clear.  Hopefully these screen shots will help...

On opening mSecure it immediately presents the 'set password' screen. The note at the bottom of that is where it mentions it must be the same password as used on other devices to allow you to sync.  because I am unsure why I have been getting this, I haven't input my password as yet so have merely cancelled it which produces the alert.  I may be being very cautious here but as it doesn't;t appear to be something that should happen following the upgrade on the Mac, I want to be sure my Mac hasn't somehow been compromised and therefore by entering the password could I be jeopardising the integrity of all my passwords and details?

Is it possible that the automatic update could have damaged wherever mSecure stores the encrypted password string or file on my Mac?

Hi Karen,

Thank you for the everything's clear. The version of mSecure you are running on your Mac is mSecure 3, which pretty old, though it does still work. mSecure 6 is a different app altogether, so it needs to be downloaded from the App Store. It upgrades naturally from mSecure 5 but not from mSecure 3. Have you looked for mSecure in the Mac App Store app? If so, are you able to download mSecure 6 onto your Mac?

Moving forward, we just have to make sure all of your mSecure apps signed in to the correct account. Do you see your data in any mSecure 6 app on at least one of your devices?

Hi Mike,

That really is odd. It was definitely v5 that was on that laptop. Not sure what version I had originally, could well have been v3 but definitely v4 as I remember the details coming out about options to upgrade to v5.  The laptop probably isn’t old enough to have had v3 on it and possibly didn’t have v4

Hi Karen,

mSecure 3 for Mac was the version right before mSecure 5 was released. I know that's confusing, but there was never an mSecure 4 for Mac. It's ok though, I was able to find your account in our system, and it has a Pro license on it. All we need to do is get mSecure 6 installed on each device, since mSecure 5 is no longer available, and you will be good moving forward.

So the first thing you'll need to do is download mSecure 6 onto each of your devices. Were you able to download mSecure 6 onto each device, and if so, were you also able to sign in to your account?

One thing to note, since you have a V5 Pro license, you will not have to pay for any type of upgrade to mSecure 6. You have a V6 Essentials account now, and it has access to all of the features in mSecure 5.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for all your help with this.  I think I am sorted now.  When I let mSecure open without the requested password being set it threw up the v3 splashscreen and there was no data.  iPads and iPhones all updated automatically and still had the data.  I struggled to uninstall v3 so backed up my laptop with the intention of reinstalling everything from scratch today.  I had one final attempt at deleting v3 and it did it okay today (go figure...) when I went to the App Store t download v6, it said open as though it was already installed so I did and v6 opened and all the data was still there.  Happy days!  thanks again for all your help and patience; really appreciate it.

No problem at all Karen! It's great to hear everything is working as it should. Please let us know should you need further assistance.

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