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force close mac book pro - macOS Monterey v.12.2.1

just force closes the second I put in name and pass and hit go. We need this fixed please, thanks.

Hi Greg,

I'm sorry to hear what you're experiencing, but, unfortunately, I don't know what's causing this to happen. Real quick, do you have any other devices running mSecure 6 where the app is working as it should and you can see all your information?

Yes, thx Mike, I do have it working fine on my Android.  Just the mac book that the app force closes when I try.

It's good to hear everything's working as it should on your Android, and we'll get things working on your Mac. Before I have reset the app, you are saying the app crashes after you type your name and password in. If you were running mSecure 5, you should only have to enter your password to unlock mSecure, because you would have already setup the account in the older version of the app.

When you open mSecure now on your Mac, what exactly do you see? Are there two fields available for your to enter your username and password?

Mike, great news, and I cannot say for sure why, but the macOS APP now works!  I got sync and everything and no more force closes. I thought it only fare to share since I complained.
I'm very happy now, I'm back to Android phone, with macOS as my backup sync.  That's just my usage case.  :) 

I did just recently have an update on macOS so I thought I'd try again.   macOS Monterey 12.3.1

Hi Greg,

That's great news! We released 6.0.3 not too long ago, and that had a fix for a certain crashing issue. I'm hopeful that's what fixed things here. At any rate, It's good to hear everything's working again!

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