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Msecure 6 - Completre diaster

Having used Msecure 5 for years and had no issues, this new versions is completely not ready for launch.  Got a waring that i needed to update, did that, and then my problems started.

1) The program just hung on my windows machine, then just closes.

2) Have to reboot to be able for it to open, but after it then closes again on its timeout of inactivity, it wont open, just stays on the grey screen with the blue key picture in the middle, no password box, nothing to interact with, and then just closes, so need to reboot again to get a single use.

3) This after using the only way i can update from the windows store, which again is just pointless, why can this just not be like any other update, where you go and download and then install, but no i have to use the store as it wont allow me, if i try to down load it just says use microsoft store.

what a complete farce, how not to launch software.

@Darryl We released a new version in the Microsoft Store, and it should fix the issue you are running into here. Were you able to check the store for a new version? You should now be running

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