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MSecure 6 tags

My upgrade from MSecure 5 to 6 didn’t create tags from my old groups.  I think I read somewhere that it would.  Now I have to go through hundreds of entries and tag them.  Did I misunderstand something?

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I was also using groups and encountered the same issue on my Windows Store app which upgraded without first asking.  I too read that tags would be created automatically from groups during the conversion process from mSecure 5 to 6.  And so I lodged a bug ticket on this issue yesterday.  All my entries were moved to a single private vault with blank tags.

Good thing my Android app had not updated, and I quickly made a backup copy of my database while waiting for the fix.  I suggest you do the same, that is, if you have the app on different platforms like me.

You should also remove cloud sync and switch to wifi sync or manual backup for the time being.

@Steve Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. If you experienced this when upgrading to mSecure 6 on Windows, then you did run into a known bug that has already been fixed. However, that fix won't retrieve the tags that were lost in the upgrade. The thing we need to do is see if you have a backup of your data made in mSecure 5 or see if you have another device where the data is still ok.

Do you have another device running any version of mSecure? If so, do you still see the groups on the records?

@JSeow Thank you very much for responding. Though I'm sorry to hear you experienced the same issue, it's always great to see other customers helping here in the forum.


Yes, I'm happy to report that it works. All my entries are back with groups replaced by tags. Thanks.

Could mSecure confirm whether “Groups” that had already been set up in V5 records will still be shown in the V6 essentials upgrade, or whether it would be necessary to purchase the Premium version to have groups retained, or are these now tags? The information says the V6 essentials upgrade for existing Pro users, will retain all the existing functions but I can’t see the reference to groups that have already been set up being retained in the essential version.

Hi Nigel, I read that Essentials allows single tags to be applied to each record, while Premium enhances this feature by allowing for multiple tags.  It was mentioned on page 10 under Features, mSecure 6 in the Support forum.

Many thanks, I see that now. It was a bit unclear to a number of users it seemed!

Hi Everyone, thank you very much for helping each other out here! It looks like it's all clear now, but to make it official, Essentials will support one tag on a record, and all groups should be converted to tags after the upgrade. If that didn't happen, you likely ran into a bug in the first Windows release. I can help with that if you did experience that issue.

I'm a long time happy mSecure user, until today when Windows upgraded me to and all my groups are gone. I sync locally over WiFi, and when I sync'd my other computer (before I noticed the groups where gone), it too now has no groups. I have two questions 1) what is the version number that has the fix for this problem? 2) if I do a restore from an msib backup file from before the update will the groups restore correctly and everything else restore ok?


I opened msecure tonight to find out I was auto-updated on Windows 10, and do not have my groups.  I quickly opened my Android phone and did a backup on msecure 5 .   Please tell me what I need to do to correct this.

Looks like quite a few of us are having the same issue. From Mike's response, it looks like the records on Windows are basically trashed if you had used groups prior to the upgrade. The way to fix it is to transfer an mSecure5 msib backup from, say, an Android platform to Windows and perform a restore (settings, backup and restore, restore). As I mentioned in my earlier reply, I was able to retrieve all the groups that I had easily enough. However, the Android update hasn't arrived yet, so I don't know if there might be another set of issues when it comes. Fingers crossed.

JSeow - when you say "trashed" what exactly does this mean? Is it just that the group info was dropped during the update, or is there more damage to the data? I might be willing to manually re-enter my group info as tags, so long as I know the rest of the data is good.

Hi Trevor, it has been a little frustrating for me and I am sure for some of you that the upgrade to version 6 has not just worked - hence the rather strong word I used - "trashed".

I discovered that in version of the mSecure app from Windows Store (henceforth referred to as mSecure6W), it is not just the groups that go missing but also the "last modified" dates are lost from the original database, though the "created" dates and all other fields - username, password, notes, etc - are intact.  So, in effect, if you had been using the "Recents" tab (which is the list of the 20 most recently updated records), you would find that this list is messed up after the upgrade - all the "last modified" dates are now changed to the date of the upgrade itself.  This is true even after restoring from your phone's mSecure5 latest backup to the mSecure6W..

Fortunately, I finally got pushed the Android version of mSecure6 (mSecure6A) earlier today and have been able to confirm that the Android version does upgrade the records correctly - groups do get properly turned to tags and "last modified" dates are preserved during the upgrading of the records, along with everything else.  And I verified that the "Recents" tab list is exactly the same as before the upgrade.

Hence, the better procedure of upgrading to mSecure6W appears to be thus:

1.  Do not transfer the msib backup from your phone to Windows - there is actually no need to do this.

2.  Remove cloud sync from msecure5 on your phone. 

3.  Wait for mSecure6 to be pushed to your phone and upgrade it, but do not sync the data with Windows yet.  Check that the records have been updated - groups turned to tags, created dates, last modified dates, etc.

4.  Make a backup copy of the data on your phone - Settings, Sync backup and restore, Backup, choose mSecure5 or mSecure folder.  For some reason, mSecure6 doesn't seem to work - I tried.

5.  On Windows, Reset the app.  This will delete all mSecure data on Windows including your login ID and password.

6.  Restart mSecure6W, and key in your login ID and password.

7.  Lastly, sync mSecure6W with mSecure6A using Wifi sync.  Everything should be upgraded perfectly now on both your phone and Windows.  I have not actually tried this step with cloud sync myself, but it should work equally well.

Hope the above is clear enough and  works for all you guys out there having problems.

JSeow - thank you for all that. It gave me the confidence to restore from backup. I don't have an Android backup, but my Windows computer had the last ten mSecure automatic backups. I took the last of those and restored it onto a Mac with mSecure v6. All my groups were correctly migrated to tags. I then reinstalled mSecure ( from the store onto the Windows computer and did a WiFi sync from the Mac to Windows. That seems to have been successful - I now have all my tags on Windows. The last modified dates are correct too.

Trevor - Glad you got yours worked out.  Your method does offer another option for those who do not have a phone backup.

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