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Rethink Subscription!

Hello.  I just read your email and materials about going to subscription pricing.  I have been a mSecure user for at least the last 5 years.  I now have mSecure 5.7.2  I have felt that mSecure was a great product and recommended it to countless other people.

The reason I chose mSecure was in large part because it was a one-time cost. I am disappointed that you are moving to subscription pricing.

I am a little confused reading the materials and have a few questions:

1.  Do I have to pay $19.99 become a mSecure Pro user to retain use of the app?

2.  How long will the non-subscription app be supported?

3. What is the subscription price?

I hope you will reconsider going to subscription app.  I for me am unlikely to do that and will look for another less expensive password app.

Thank you!

Anthony Witt

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Ah, I’ve closed mSecure on my iPhone, gone back to App Store and searched for just “password manager “ then scrolled down to find the icon with the mSecure key and hey presto it now says update! Don’t really know what I did other than the above!

Android version updated yesterday, maybe iOS version will be approved today or tomorrow. Syncing with windows 10 app works

OK -- so I turned off my iPhone, waited a minute, and turned it back on. Low-and-behold, I now have an update available for mSecure.

@Kostiantyn The iOS app was approved last week and published on Wednesday. The problem isn't that the app isn't available in the store, as you can see from all the other people that are able to download the update. The problem is, we don't know why it takes extra work for some people to get the update to show in the App Store. If nothing so far has worked, please open the App Store app on your iOS devices, then tap the circular icon in the top right of the screen (probably has your portrait in it). In the Accounts page that pops up, scroll down to the updates section. Do you see any updates, and if so, do you see mSecure in the list?

@Karen For some reason, and we don't know why, the app store isn't showing you the update is available on your device, but it is available in the store. Please open the App Store app on your iOS devices, then tap the circular icon in the top right of the screen (probably has your portrait in it). In the Accounts page that pops up, scroll down to the updates section. Do you see any updates, and if so, do you see mSecure in the list?

AH!!   I have my V5 Pro license and am happy with the 'free' Version 6 "Essentials" for my iPad & iPhone & Windows PCs.  When I went to the APPLE APPs store and clicked "OPEN" it only opened my existing old version five App. which keeps telling you to update the old app.   Do NOT click on the OPEN button!  Only CLICK ON THE mSecure BLUE KEY ICON.  Then you have the option to 'update' your App. 

@Frank Thank you for chiming in here to help!

@Mike, I appreciate the clarification re: the Tag functionality in Essentials, assuming it is true. What I was referring to is the fact that we were given no information about the capabilities of Essentials other than assurances that we wouldn't lose capabilities. That was before Groups disappeared during the upgrade and Tags were not populated due to a bug in the release. Then, if you go to the Plans page on the website, all you get is a vague list that only mentions Tags in the Premium version.

Essentially, mSeven is asking us to just trust that we will keep all the same capabilities (despite the initial evidence to the contrary). That's difficult when many users consider a forced migration like this to be a violation of trust. 

@Doug I understand what you're saying, and I am sorry about the bug with the groups not getting converted to tags. I'm not sure if you received the emails we sent out before the release, but in those emails we tried to explain what to expect in the release. We have also added multiple pages to our site to try to explain what was coming with v6. With the tags, we didn't think there was going to be confusion with them, because we know we aren't going to take any features away from people, which was explained a lot before the release. It's our mistake for assuming our customers would would have no reason to doubt that. What makes the the tags feature more complicated is that the full Tags features are only available in the Premium subscription tier, but then one tag will always be available only to make sure v5 users won't lose any features. If we had to do it over again, knowing that v5 groups would not get converted to a tag due to a bug and also knowing people might take that as a sign we were going back on our promises, we most definitely would have added something more to explain that Essentials accounts get the use of one tag. We can only learn from this and try to do better next time.

If there is still any confusion, and I'm not assuming you have any, no one with a v5 Pro license will lose any features after upgrading to v6. The one thing we did overlook, however, is that you cannot sort by Tags in the current version of the app, but that's something we're working to fix now. The reason that feature was removed is because you can have multiple tags on each record, and there was no way to determine which tag would be the sort key. However, we have a way we're going to implement that now, so it will be in the app soon. To be clear, this was an oversight. it wasn't something taken away from v5 Pro users and only offered in the Premium subscription tier.

My situation is different.  I just installed mSecure from the Windows 10 App store on my 2 PCs.  I have created 5 test records from a different database provider which I want to abandon because it does not meet my needs in life being 74 years old.  I do not expect to be making any more changes in my 250 record database.  Right now I have not selected the premium presently showing 30 days remaining. But I do not want to continue my work above with my remaining records in my existing database provider  because I suspect that despite what I have done with my two Windows 10 PCs, you might ask me to pick a subscription plan which I really do not need now at my age in life.  This is my question.


@Rick I see your post in the other thread you created. I'll answer your question there.

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