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Authentication email never arrived

I am trying to log into mSecure on a new device.  I never received the authentication email (checked my junk mail).  I do not have my original email from years ago.  Can someone assist?

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@Susan, sorry about walking all over your thread. I was desperate to get help found your thread with Mike. All is good now.

No problem! I just wanted to make sure that it was seen by the right folks. My problem was similar and very frustrating. After several days it got sorted out.

It's great to hear both problems are sorted out Charlie and Susan! Take care, and let me know if you need further assistance with mSecure.

I've just signed in and paid for the M Secure6 and I am baffled as to what is happening. I didn't receive the authentication email so therefore couldn't scan the QR code. I can still open up my old version (though it doesn't say which version it is) on my iPhone. So, I'm not clear exactly what I have gained. I was assuming I would get the new app (dark blue icon) to indicate that I'm on a newer version but all I have is the old version (mid blue).  I've searched my spam and bin for the authentication email and I can't see it anywhere. Can you help please? Thanks


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issues you are experiencing here. The QR code you need is used to authenticate you as the owner of your account, so it is only sent out one time when the account is created and then signed in to in the mSecure app. Your account was created back in June of 2021, so it's likely you no longer have that code available in your email. However, you could run a search for "mSecure" in whatever email app you use, and you may be able to locate it.

If you can't locate the QR code, then you'll have to reset your account before you'll be able to migrate your data from the older version of mSecure. This help article will get you through that process, as there are two videos on YouTube that walk you through migrating on iOS and Mac:

To Mike Reilly

Thank you for your comprehensive reply. I've now reset the account and installed the new app and all is working well.



No problem at all Andy! Take care, and let me know if you need further assistance.

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