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Download mSecure 5 for Windows

I wanted to download mSecure for Windows and ended up with ver 3.5.7. I uninstalled that and went to your site to get ver 5 but get a message that I "have a trial version of that product" with no way to download. No, I HAD a trial of 3.5.7, which is now gone.  How do I get version 5?  

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Hi Gary,

You can't download mSecure 5 from our website. It can only be downloaded from the Microsoft Store in Windows 10. When you click "Download for Free" on the homepage of our website, what happens?

 Thanks for responding. Attached are screen prints.  Msec01 shows your download page. Selecting the "Windows" option,  msec02 is the result AFTER jumping through Microsft's hoops to logon to their site.  Selecting "Free Trial" results in the page shown in msec03. Don't know what to do from here. There's nothing to "install" (and anyway, I have no devices linked to Microsoft and like it that way). 

Hi Gary,

I'm not sure why Microsoft is doing this the way they are, but what you need to do is click the "Get" button you see in the website in the "msec03.jpg" screenshot you attached. That will prompt you to open the page in the Microsoft Store app. From the Store app, you can download mSecure on your PC.

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