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Sharing backups

Is it possible to share backups with another mSecure5 Pro user on an iPhone and iPad My partner & I try to keep identical password lists lists and want to simplify the process. Can we do this by sharing and restoring each other’s back up when one of us makes a record change?

Hi Annie,

If you and your partner are wanting to share all the information you both store in mSecure, it would be best to share one account, and use mSecure Cloud syncing to keep your information in sync. Right now, do you have all you and your partner's data stored in your mSecure account?

Yes but how is it possible to share an account?

Hi Annie,

In order to share an account, you would simply have your partner download mSecure onto their devices and sign in to your account when they set up the app. It's easiest to share your information using mSecure Cloud syncing in this context, because you don't have to make sure you are using the same third party cloud account for Dropbox or iCloud (if you are using Apple devices).

If your partner is already signed in to an mSecure account in the mSecure apps running on their devices, then you would need to reset the app first before signing in to your account. Can you let me know if your partner has a different mSecure account than you? Also, on what types of devices are they running or will be running mSecure?

Yes my partner already has his own mSecure5 free account. We both have iPhones and iPads and I also have mSecure5 on my MacbookPro. How do you reset the app?

Hi Annie,

As long as your partner isn't using mSecure on a Mac, all they will need to do is reinstall mSecure on his different iOS devices. If he has a Mac, there is something else that needs to be done to reset the app. After the app is reinstalled, then he would simply sign in to your account instead of his own.

The problem here is that when he does this, he will lose any data currently stored in his account. There is no way to merge data from two different accounts. That may not matter here, but I do need to make clear what will happen. If your partner has any data stored in mSecure that needs to be moved over to your account, he will need to do that before he reinstalls mSecure and signs in to your account. Does that make sense?

This makes sense but please can you talk me through how to login when we re-download the app? It’s such a long time since I ever did this (I’ve been using mSecure for some ten or so years) and two years since I moved to mSecure5, I’m not sure what to do / have lost confidence as to how to do this. I’ve looked at the FAQs but can’t find an instruction that makes sense to me. Thank you

Hi Annie,

It's no problem at all. Your partner will just have to reinstall mSecure on his iOS devices:

  1. Find mSecure 5 on his devices, then long-tap on the app icon
  2. After you see the popup get displayed, choose the option to delete the app from the device
  3. After the app is deleted, open the App Store app, and find mSecure in the Store
  4. Tap the option to download the app, which will install it again on the device
  5. After it's installed, open the app, and when you reach the Sign In / Sign Up screen, choose the option to Sign In
  6. Enter your email address and password to sign in to the account
  7. You may need to authenticate as the owner of the account by scanning a QR code, and if that's the case, simply open mSecure on your main iOS device, tap the menu icon in the top left, tap Settings, and then tap Account Settings. In the Account Settings, tap the option to View Authentication QR Code, and then scan that code in mSecure on your partner's device(s).

Were you able to reinstall mSecure and sign in to your account on his devices?

Thank you very much. Very clear and it has worked perfectly. Hooray!

That's great news Annie! It's good to hear everything is working now on your partner's devices. Thank you very much for your time, and please let us know should you need further assistance.

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