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What password to use when enabling Face ID in mSecure 5 Pro?


I have just upgraded my mSecure 5 to the Pro version and was trying to enable Face ID on my iPhone 12 Pro with the latest iOS 15.1.

The screen prompts me for a password.  What password would this be?  I tried entering my mSecure 5 login password and it didn't work.  I tried entering my iOS unlock password and that didn't work either.   I tried entering a new password thinking it's a new password for when Face ID fails but that didn't work either.  

What password should I enter in order to enable Face ID?

Hi Alice,

The password you have to enter to enable Face ID unlock is the password you enter to unlock the mSecure app. What's happening here is that mSecure is handing that password over to iOS, where it is stored in a secure location. Then when iOS authenticates you using Face ID, it gets the password, and hands it back to mSecure so your data can be decrypted. If you are able to unlock mSecure by entering your password using the keyboard, you should have no problems enabling the Face ID unlock feature.

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