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I cannot access my account from the android windows applications

A few days ago I had the problem that I cannot access it from the android and windows applications. But if I can log into the website and access my msecure profile, this is unfortunately of no use since I cannot see my data on the website.

note my version is pro purchased and this is a tragedy since I do not have access to all my data.


Hi Jairo,

The profile you are accessing online is only for the forum and/or support account you have with us. It is not related to your mSecure account, the one that you need to sign in to in the mSecure app. They are two totally difference account systems.

When you say a few days ago you had a problem in not being able to access the app on Android and Windows, are you saying that you now can access it, or are you still not able to access your information in either mSecure app? If you aren't able to access the app, what is happening? Is the password you are entering not being accepted? Please provide all the context you can, because at this time, I don't have any idea what the problem actually you are experiencing actually is.

I do not remember the password for my mSecure app

Hi Barbra,

I'm sorry to hear about the situation you're in here. Do you have access to mSecure using face or fingerprint recognition, or are you completely locked out of all your mSecure apps?

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