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Soporte mSecure


I have an older version of mSecure and wanted to upgrade to the newer version.  On 21 June I paid for an upgrade via PayPal as prompted on your site for the discount (mSecure Pro $22.39).  I have downloaded the new version however appears as a free trial version and I am unable to change this to the version I have paid for or how to migrate my files to the new version.   

Please help

Hi Maureen,

It's likely you have more than one account in the system, and that's why you're not seeing the license in mSecure. I checked for an account and purchase with the email address you are using here in the forum, but I wasn't able to find either of them. The only way I can help is if I can find the account on which your license was applied and also locate the purchase. Do you want to tell me a different email here in the forum, or would you rather do that via email?

Hi Mike

The only email address I have used  is - attached is copy of my purchase receipt and also the msecure key.

Hi Maureen,

It's the strangest thing, but there is no trace of your purchase in our system. I've never seen this happen before, so It's great that you were able to send me the receipts! Also, for some reason, I didn't find your mSecure account before, but I was able to find it this time using your @bigpond email address. I simply manually added your license to your account, so you should be all set now. The license will show up within about a minute of opening and unlocking mSecure.

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