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mSecure on iPad

mSecure on my  iPhone and iMac are synced. I am now trying to sync mSecure on my iPad (iPad Pro running 14.6) but the previously created logins/passwords are not appearing. Only new items created today appear in the iPad (I created those new items on my iMac). The sync setting is "mSecure Cloud" on all 3 devices.

How do I get all data to also appear on my iPad.

Note: I signed in to mSecure on my iPhone, iMac and then the iPad. Chose mSecure Cloud as sync setting on iPad but still do not see all "All Items" on the iPad, only on the iPhone and iMac.. 

Hi James,

Thank you for contacting us, and sorry for the issue you're experiencing here. We have seen this before, but we don't know what causes it to happen. However, I believe the fix should be pretty easy. Go ahead and open the settings for mSecure on either your Mac or your iPhone, then disabled syncing altogether in the Sync Settings screen. Next, go ahead and reinstall mSecure on your iPad and sign in to the account. There will be no data, and that's ok for now. Now, on your Mac or iPhone, turn mSecure Cloud syncing back on. 

After about two minutes, does the data get synced over to your iPad?

How do I install updated versions of mSecure?

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