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The old app is no longer supported by the new iOS for Apple. I must have forgot my password because I cannot log into the new app. I do have back ups of the old app version. Can you help.

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Hi Jerry,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing after the recent iOS update. If you were using Touch or Face ID to unlock mSecure on your iOS device, I should be able to help you retrieve your password. Were you using either of those features to unlock mSecure?

Hi, I have the same issue as above. I cannot access the MSecure App to enter my manual password (I do not use the face ID). Is the app going to be updated? iOS is claiming the app "must be updated by the developer". Please advise.

Hi Tom,

If I'm understanding you correctly, you are saying that you simply don't remember your password. Is that correct? If you don't use Touch or Face ID, and you can't remember your password to migrate your data into mSecure 5, there's now way to retrieve your information. We do not have plans to update v4, but if we did, you would not be able to access the data stored in the app. Does that make sense? If I'm misunderstanding somehow, please let me know, because if you were using Touch OR Face ID, I should be able to help.

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