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Extremely disappointed by mSecure 5

I have been using mSecure for close to 10 years and I have resisted moving to version 5 since it was released. Yesterday, I lost the use of mSecure 4 on my iOS device after I upgraded to version 14.5 and was forced to install mSecure 5. What a disappointment! I was right to resist the change over the years!

The User Interface looks terrible. Big font - that I am told I cannot change - large spacing, the list display is gone, etc. This software seems to have been written by a short sighted 5 year old.

I moved my MacOS version for consistency, and the mSecure 5 UI is as bad. Furthermore, I am told that I cannot chose the location of my vault database. I have been using mSecure for years with my database located on an encrypted volume - no longer possible! And mSeven says they care about security? It's a joke!

This is ridiculous. mSeven software is ignoring its users and forcing an ugly look and feel onto them while losing some functionalities present in previous versions. And users DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE!

Well, we do have a choice, the choice of dumping mSecure, just like we dumped SplashID back then, when they forced user to relocate their databases on their servers (not going to happen). Is SplashID still around? The same fate awaits for mSecure.

A disgruntled user.

If you need help with anything in mSecure, let me know. I would be happy to help.

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