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Soporte mSecure

New phone

Can't open msecure5 on new phone can open old phone on msesure5

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Hi James,

I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you saying you have access to your information in mSecure 5 on an older device? On the new phone, what do you mean when you say you can't open mSecure 5? Are you able to install the app? Also, what type of device is the old and new phone?

trying to activate my msecure on the new phone. says I have to take a picture of aQR code???

Hi Bill,

When signing in to mSecure on a new device, it's necessary to be authenticated as the owner of the account. The way that's done is through your account's Encrypted Account Key that's in the form of a QR code. That code would have been sent out back in August of 2017 when your account was first set up. If you don't have access to the QR code in your email app, then the only way to get access to it is if you have access to the app on another device. Do you still have your old phone, and if so, are you able to open mSecure on that device?

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