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What email address to use

The apple account for I tunes was set up with my husbands email address, Both his and my devices are under the same iTunes account. My email address is different. Do I use the apple iTunes email or my personal account

Hi Milo,

I'm not exactly sure what you mean here. You can use any email you would like to set up an mSecure account. However, if your husband has already used a certain email to set up his account, you won't be able to use that email, because every username has to be unique in the system. Does that make sense, or do you still have questions about the mSecure account system?

I still have a question on the email to use. My husband set up one account for us to use for ITunes and the App Store . This was done under his email address that he used.  That account is still set up that way. I can’t find where he set up an account for msecure.  He downloaded the app to both his iPhone and iPad plus my iPhone and iPad.. I have been told that I would need to set up an account for my email address before I purchase and download the app. My husband has passed away and I just use his phone or iPad for his contacts or to get passwords from his msecure.  Does this mean I would need to set up another account and pay for another liscense if I want to access his msecure account? 

Thanks Milo

Sorry to keep asking but I want to be sure before I set up and account and purchase the lisence every for my email address. My husband and I set up one ITunes account for both of our phones and both IPads. We use the same password for the App Store.  I have been told that I would have to set up an account and purchase the upgrade before I download the app. Since my husband passed away and I only have gone in to his contacts or measure to find a password a couple of times over the last several years does this mean I will also have to set up an account and purchase the up grade a second time in order to access his msecure since his email for his phone and iPad is different than mine.. I can’t find where he has a previous account under his email address?

Thanks Milo

Hi Milo,

The only way you would need to have two different accounts is if you want to keep two different sets of data. In my previous response, I was under the assumption that you and your husband were wanting to keep separate sets of data, but that's not the case. If he set up mSecure 5, and it's working on his devices, you should just need to download the app on your devices and then sign in to the same account. All the data that's stored in the account will sync over to your devices, and you'll be all set.

What happens if you download mSecure 5 onto one of your devices and then try to sign in to his account? 

After purchasing the license I then downloaded the msecure5 app. Setting up the app when it asked for a password I mistakenly put in the password use on mSecure 4 app. It then said that password was in use and I couldn’t use it. When I clicked on forgot password to change it to a new password it doesn’t do anything. So I need it spelled out for me how to change the password. Or if I should reset the account.It says if I do this I would loose data. Since I haven’t transferred data from mSecure 4 to mSecure 5 yet what am I loosing. I don’t plan on storing anything on the mSecure cloud or the cloud. I am just going to sync the info on my phone and on my iPad. I back up my phone and iPad on iTunes every other month so that I can use the back up if I get a new phone or iPad and just do a restore from back to get all the info on my new device.

I'm still not exactly sure I understand what is happening here, but we'll get it figured out. First, I wanted to address something you said about not using the cloud for syncing. Since you only use iOS devices, the only way your data will be kept in sync on an ongoing basis is if you use one of the cloud sync features. I would highly recommend doing this, because if not, there are more chances of experiencing data loss if something goes wrong, if you loose a device, or if you upgrade a devices. Also, relying on iTunes backups for this type of data is not recommended, because there are times when data is not restored in third party apps, and if that were to happen, you would lose all your information. With cloud syncing enabled, you have your data always up to date on all devices, and it's also stored securely in the cloud, so even if all your devices fail, or an iTunes backup doesn't restore correctly, you still have your data available after you sign in to your account.

Now, regarding the issue you are having with mSecure. You mentioned that your husband set up mSecure 5 on his devices. Before we do anything else, can you let me know if you are able to open and unlock mSecure 5 on at least one of his devices?

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