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I have msecure basic and upgraded to msecure pro but I still have the basic version. How do I change to the Pro version. 

Hi Don,

Thank you for contacting us. What you are experiencing is typically caused by having multiple mSecure accounts, but it's pretty simple to fix. First, do you have all your data now in mSecure 5? If the migration went well, then all we'll need to do is get the license applied to the correct account. Also, where did you purchase your mSecure Pro license from? If it was from our website, what email did you use during the checkout process?

I do not have my data moved from my original mSecure My receipt is attached

I used I do not know how to transfer data I think I logged into mSecure pro

Ok, I just looked up your "" account on our server, and it shows that you have a Pro license on that account. When you say it is still the basic version of the app, can you explain that in more detail? If you open the menu by tapping the icon in the top left corner, then tap Settings, and then tap Account Settings, what email address do you see next to "Username"? As soon as I make sure your account is showing a Pro license, I'll help with the migration.

The email address is

I changed it to and then hit update and it defaults back to

I took a picture of it and attached 

MSecure wants me to upgrade to MSecure pro to get all features but I have already updated 

So the reason this is happening is because the purchase for your license was made using a different emails address than the one you use for your mSecure account. During the license purchase, if the same email address isn't used, there is no way for the system to apply it to the mSecure account using the other email address, so a new account is created. Also, since an account using the "" email address is already in the system, mSecure won't let you change the username to that address. There can't be two account in the system using the same email address.

What we need to do is make sure you are signed in to the right account on all your devices. Do you currently have access to all of your information in the mSecure app on which you sent the screenshot in your last email? If so, I'll just move the license over to that account from the other account. Also, for clarity as we move forward, do you have other devices on which you are trying to install mSecure?

Hi Mike 

The account I was using was I did not know I was using this email as I thought I was using I also use this on another iPad and iPhone. The must have been a default because I never asked for this. Please transfer all information to I assume the other account should be closed?


I can move the license to whichever account very easily. However, it can get tricky depending on which account you are signed in to on the device you see all your information in the mSecure app. The screenshot you attached a couple of replies ago was taken on your iPad. Do you have access to all you information in mSecure on that device? If so, I will just need to apply the license to your "" account, delete the "" account, then you will be free to change the username for the account in mSecure on your iPad. After that, you will just need to reset mSecure on any other devices you have and sign in to your "" account.

Are you able to access all of your information in mSecure on your iPad Don?

Please apply the upgrade to the account with I am able to access all information on this iPad 



No problem at all Don. I have transferred the license over to your "" account. You can also change the name of your account to the "" email address if you would like.

Seems to be fine

thanks Mike 

No problem at all Don, and t's great to hear everything is working correctly now!

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