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Link Cards

Some websites use a different website for login verification. For example, several U.S. Government web sites use In these cases, it would be great to be able to link two cards together so that the first card relies on the linked card for login info. That way there'll be only one card ( to update whenever there's a password, etc change. The current alternatives (I think) are to enter the ID & PW on each card that uses, and/or look up the second card ( manually and enter it on the first web page.

Hi Geoffrey,

Thank you for your feedback! We have talked about having some type of record linking in mSecure for quite some time now, so what you are talking about here may be related. Before I assume that, however, can you give me more details on your actual workflow?

For example, you mention your record with, and I’m assuming that is a Login type record which you use for storing the credentials for that account. Is that correct? If so, how are you currently getting your credentials from mSecure to the website? If you are on an iOS device, are you using either our built-in web browser or Safari’s AutoFill feature?

Once I understand the workflow better, I can talk to you more about the feature and get it added as a feature request if it isn’t already on our list.

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