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Change Sync Method

Can the Sync method be changed after one has been chosen and issued? Is there one better than the other especially in regards to iPhone/iPad?

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Hi Pamela,

You are free to use whichever sync feature you would like, but mSecure Cloud syncing is the most reliable and simple sync feature to use. It is not dependent upon any other cloud service, like Dropbox or iCloud, and it doesn't rely on connectivity with other devices running on your network, so there are rarely any problems to deal with. It looks like you are currently using iCloud syncing to keep your information in sync on your various devices. Are you running into some type of problem?

No I am not running into any problems using the iCloud. I am doing research and reading many posts and was wondering if one was better than the other and in what way exactly. Wondering if I should switch or not. Also asked is it ok to switch now. Does it mess any of the data up?

Switching to different sync feature won't have any effect on your data. It simply changes the mechanism by which the data is synced. The only thing you gain with mSecure Cloud syncing is that it is the most reliable of all of the features, and this is only because mSecure doesn't have to hand over the data to a third party service. In the case of iCloud, we have run into quite a few customers experiencing delays in syncing, and these can be very difficult to troubleshoot, since the actual syncing of the data is not handled by mSecure. The data is simply handed off to the OS and then the data is synced through iCloud to get to other devices. Once it's handed off, if there is a problem, there's nothing we can do to find out what's causing the delay or failure.

In mSecure 6, which will be released soon, things will be a little different. Should you have the need to sync your data across different mSecure accounts, the only way to do that will be to use mSecure Cloud syncing.

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