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delete an old account

I currently have an active mSecure account using my work email address.  However I'd like to change it to my personal email address.  When I attempt to change it to my personal email address, it says that account already exists.  How can I delete the original account with my personal email account so I can then change the email on my active account?

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Hi Asa, and thank you for contacting us. This should be no problem at all for me to fix. Can you let me know the current emails address for the user on your account and also let me know the address you are trying to change your account username to? After I know that, I can fix things so you can change the email address.

Mike, I appreciate your assistance.  The current email address that is active is

The old email address that is currently not active is

Once the old email of is deleted from mSecure system, I want to change the existing email address to the

I hope this is understandable.  Thanks,

I think I've got everything fixed up so you can make use of your "" email address. Go ahead and try to change your email address in mSecure, and if you run into a problem let me know. Thanks for your time Asa!

That worked, I was able to change the username.  Thanks for your help.

No problem at all Asa! Take care.

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