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App upgrade soon is discontinue

Hi is this app likely to be discontinued as I notice it’s now on sale and there have been any recent updates. You need to add family sharing ASAP! I love it. Best app for me but I’d like to know what the future holds. Thanks, Alastair

Hi Alastair,

mSecure development is going strong, and we plan to release version 6 as soon as possible, which is the reason there hasn't been any major type of update for some time. All of our development resources are being used to finish the new release.

Thanks Mike, I really don’t want to have to move to another service as I think yours is the best so I’m looking forward to the next release with family sharing. Rgds, Alastair
Thanks for your reply Mike, will this include family sharing? Rgds, Alastair

For the very first release, we are planning to have family sharing implemented via Apple's App Store only, then as we continue to develop the cross-account sharing feature, there are plans to enhance it with more functionality and greater flexibility for larger families and teams. This is one of the features we're still pinning down as we get closer to the first beta release, so more details will be available as we continue the development. 

Ok great, is it likely to be subscription based or a one off purchase - bearing in mind I’ve paid outright for this version. Cheers, Alastair

The full details for the mSecure 6 pricing model have not been released, but I can tell you that licensed mSecure 5 users will not have to pay an upgrade fee to continue using all of the features in mSecure 5. On top of that, there will be upgrades that come for free to mSecure 5 users, but there will also be some premium features that will require a purchase to use.

In short, licensed mSecure 5 users will get an upgrade at no cost, but not all features will be available without an extra purchase. We plan to send out email communication to our customers as we get closer to the mSecure 6 release, and it will outline in detail what to expect for the new version.

Thanks Mike, I’ll stick with you for now - unless v6 is years away :) A

That's great to hear Alastair! Our first beta release will be available very soon, so the v6 public release won't be far behind =) 

How’s the dev going on the new version Mike? 3 months down the line and still nothing, so I’m pretty much going to go to one of you competitors unless something happens v soon

Hi Alastair,

While we're very close to releasing the the first beta for v6, the production version probably won't be ready for release in the App Stores for another couple months. We ran into a bug that stopped us from releasing to beta last Thursday, so we're shooting for the release today or tomorrow. After that, it's just a matter of getting beta tester feedback and fixing bugs they find, then it will be ready for the App Stores.

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