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V6 Ideas

Ability to customize the color of the left panel of the program, the gray is too light and with the gray text can be hard to read.

Easier way to assign groups, to a single record or multiple. I'd recommend a simple right click, and a pop up menu to assign groups.

Ability to use the 'colorful' group icons in the main body of the program instead of all blue ones. Seems wasted to have the colors even there if I can't actually use them on the left part of the program.

Ability to customize what 'types' are shown by default on the main window.

Instead of the name of the group on the record itself, why not use the nice colorful icon! Or both! Like I'd put the icon in the top left corner of the record part of the window itself.

Instead of the small 'copy to the clipboard' icon, how about just letting us click on the field name as well to copy, it's a much bigger 'mouse target' most of the time, would be easier and faster to click on that to copy that field to the clipboard.

Ability to change the 'size' of the records, of the fonts, in general I wish there was just more customization over the look of the program, it seems there is almost nothing I have control over, colors, fonts, etc.

And yes, this is crucial, the ability to change the 'TYPE' of a record. I imported from 1password, and now I'm stuck and can't change the type of these, I'll have to make a new record and somehow build it out if I wanted to change anything. I know that one is tricker as each type has different fields.

Right now, after changing the group order in my preferences, somehow the left side of my program has gone even LIGHTER gray, almost like everything got selected, but it's very weird. When I click off the program, the side bar shows the original gray. But now when the program is active, the left panel goes washed out gray... this wasn't like this originally but has somehow now happened. Again the ability to customize that background color on the left side would be nice!

Oh and a HUGE one for me something like a shared 'vault' system. I've always wanted a way so that for example, two different mSecure users, could create a shared space for passwords. Like I'd love to set up my mom with this, so we could share a space for her passwords that I might need to know in case she's incapacitated, etc. 1password had such functionality and it was super useful.

Great program, hope these don't sound like I'm complaining, just my thoughts!

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Thank you for your feedback Tim! The feature requests our customers provide are very helpful as we continue development of mSecure.

The good news is, there are a few items on your list that are already implemented in V6. Most notably, we will be introducing cross-account sharing via a vault system. You will be able to connect different accounts with one another, like various family accounts for example, create vaults you would like to share with those different accounts, and then add whatever records you would like to those shared vaults. You will now be able to share only those records you would like to share with other people using mSecure.

Also, like you, many have asked for the ability to change the type template for a record. That is being added back into V6. As a side note, Type is being changed to Template in the new version. It's the same concept, but it more accurately reflects what the concept actually is =)

You have a couple of items regarding groups, which is a feature that will be removed in V6 (or changed depending on how you look at it). In V6 we are implementing a tagging system, so you will be able to add multiple tags to each of your records which provides a greater level of organization for your records. With tags, there will no longer be a user-defined icon like there was for groups.

The left column, or panel, is going to be a solid color in V6, and it will be a different color depending on whether you are using Light or Dark mode. You won't be able to change the color of it, but the pixels underneath the app will not bleed through, so there will be more contrast for it's content, making it easier to read and see the icons.

Unfortunately, at this time, we don't have any customizations in mind for the record or font sizes, but it's always something on our radar.

Some questions:

  1. Regarding the ease of assigning groups, are you referring to the desktop version of mSecure or the mobile version? For the desktop version, it should be simple to change groups for multiple records. If you select multiple records, you will see the bulk edit UI in the right column. Click the Group icon to change the group, and that should do it. Are you saying you would like that to change. By the way, it will work the same way for tags in V6.
  2. When you ask about the ability to customize what types are shown by default in the main window, can you explain that in more detail? I think of the main window as either the middle column on the desktop or the main view on mobile, so I might be misunderstanding what you are saying here.
  3. For the copy to clipboard request, are you meaning to have it work on desktop like it does in the mobile version of the app? That would be possible, but it's definitely not common. It would also make it impossible for users to select a certain portion of a field for copying to the clipboard, which is a common functionality for fields on desktop OSs. 

All Tim requested

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