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Revert to Home screen after set time (not stay on the last opened login)

When using the app and viewing a login I tend to leave mSecure in that view after my phone locks. When I later unlock my phone, mSecure is in the exact same view with the login account displayed. Now, the password is hashed out and not revealed, however I never know who is around when I open my phone. I may not want them to see the account name at all either. 

(It is around Christmas so there are accounts I don't want my wife to see that I was using recently for gifts)

Any way to set a timer internally so that after a little bit the app reverts back to the main home screen (list of logins) and not stay on the last one opened? The same timer used for re-hiding the password could be perfect for this.

Hi Bob,

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to force mSecure to conceal the revealed sensitive data in a record after opening the app. There's also no way to force it to go back to the main view after it's gone into the background. The only way to work around this problem, at least for the holiday season, is to force close the app when you are done using it. When you open mSecure after force closing the app, it will show you the main view instead of opening to the same state it was left off in before it went to the background. 

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