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Password sharing

Pls can this be added ASAP as I need to share passwords with the family. Love the app and been using for years but you need to catch up with the completion. I’m deleting and going with someone else unless done in month or 2. Come on guys! A

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Hi Alastair,

Thank you for contacting us! You can be assured that nothing more urgent is on our minds than getting mSecure 6 released. We're still working on testing and polish items, and it will be ready as soon as possible.

Hi Mike, Not sure what the above is about but in reply to your answer YES PLEASE, we need it! Eta?? Alastair

Hi Alastair,

No ETA yet, but we are doing everything we can to get the first beta release out before the end of the year. We so wanted the first actual release out by the end of the year, but it just wasn't possible with all the changes we're making to the app.

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