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Fingerprint not working

I have mSecure version 5.7.1 & the fingerprint access has stopped working. It still works for other apps. What I thought was my password doesn't work. Is there a way to get the fingerprint to work otherwise from all I have read I will lose my mSecure data. I have the QR code from when my password was last reset. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy 9. I have a backup in Dropbox

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Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm really sorry for the problem you are experiencing here. The only way the biometric unlock feature should be disabled is if the user turns it off in mSecure's Settings, changes the biometric data in the OS's Settings, or upgrades to a new device. Since I don't believe either of those three things took place here, it is likely there was an update to the OS which has somehow caused a problem with the authentication information used to unlock mSecure.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot we can do in these situations. The authentication information for mSecure is only stored in the device's secure memory location and in your memory in the form of your master password used for unlocking the app. Once mSecure requests that your password is entered manually to unlock the app, from that moment forward, it is the only way to unlock it.

In order for the information stored in mSecure to be as secure as possible, mSeven Software doesn't acquire our customer's password or the information stored in their mSecure account, so there is no way for us to retrieve either of those items. In order to keep your information from being accessed without your permission, it is not possible to bypass or change an account's password when mSecure is not accepting the password the user is entering.

Also, while it's good to have backups of your information, without knowing the password used to encrypt the data, there is no way to restore the data. The QR code you have is something you need for authentication purposes, but that code is also encrypted with your master password, so it's not usable if you are not able to unlock mSecure. 

Do you happen to have access to your information in mSecure running on any other devices Jennifer?

No I don't have it on any other devices.

What I don't understand is why the fingerprint has only stopped working on this app. The other 6 apps that I log in via fingerprint are still working.

So basically I have no access to my data?

A total disaster

Hi Jennifer,

Unfortunately, I don't know what has happened on the device to cause what's happening. If you can remember your password, then you should have no problems unlocking the app. Are you able to see the hint mSecure should be showing you when you are on the lock screen? If not, I can get that for you from your account if that would help.

Also, as you are trying to enter your password to unlock mSecure, is it possible that one of the characters you are entering needs to be substituted with a special character or number? For example, many customers will use 3 for E or $ for S in order to make their passwords stronger.

My MSecure 5 app is not asking for my fingerprint to login anymore. I haven't changed any setting in MSecure app or in my cellphone. Two hours ago I was able to access my passwords in MSecure app and now I am not able to do it anymore.
 I use fingerprint to login because I don't want to have to remember every password I need.
Now MSecure app in my Samsung S21 is asking for a password, which I am sure I do not remember.

Could  you help me on this?

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for contacting us. It looks like the reason the biometric unlock is no longer working is because your account doesn't have a license, and the trial has expired recently. Your account was created on January 6th, and the trial that allows you to use all of the features in mSecure without a license expires after 30 days. I have extended your trial for about a week. I'm hoping that will enable the fingerprint option, but I'm not sure sure it will, because the app has to be unlocked in order to perform a sync with the account service. Go ahead and open mSecure and see if it will unlock.

Hello Mike,
Actually, I have a license that I bought during presales phase. But the app was in my mobile device under another Google Account (I have 3 different - personal, business1, business2).
So, I uninstalled and installed again the Android app, now under the right account, however the problem persist.  I have the QRCode email. What should I do?

Hi Gabriel,

I'm not sure what account you are referring to, but I checked the one using gmail account you're using here, and there is no license on that mSecure account. Are you ok with sending the email account you are using here in the forum? If not, let me know, and we can move over to using email support instead.

Yes, please,  let's use the email support.

Thank you for your response.

I just sent you an email Gabriel, so we'll continue our correspondence via email from here on out.

I opened a ticket, but in fact I have exactly the same problem  as Gabriel or Jennifer, except that I have my password so I can login  and access my data.

Fingerprint stopped working tonight, when it was working in the afternoon.

@Yvon It's good news that your able to unlock mSecure. We just have to figure out why the fingerprint unlock is no longer working. The most simple explanation to this issue is that the device that no longer can use biometric unlock is signed in to a different account. In that case, the account would not have a license associated with it.

First, what types of devices are you using? I see a Mac and iOS device has signed in to the account that has the same email address you are using here in the forum. Were you using Touch ID to unlock mSecure on both your Mac and your iOS device?

Also, when you go to the Account Settings in each mSecure app, what email are you seeing, and does it tell you it is a Pro account?

Just to add: I too got that problem today. Logged in with password, and then went to system settings in MacOS and added a new fingerprint.

Then I could use that in mSecure.

I also should add: I still have an installation of 1Password7 (received a one-year subscription for free earlier) and the Touch ID was misbehaving there too.

So it could also be a problem in MacOS by some reason. Just as a tip-if nothing else works, try to make a new fingerprint, in might work.

Hello there,

This is after happening to me today. No issue for the past 2 years while using my fingerprint to log in, always. Today, mSecure (6.0.6) asked me for my password out of the blue. I thought I remembered it but no luck... It worked a few days ago with no issue. 

Where do we go from there? Does "upgrading" to the beta force the fingerprint request again?

My phone: Galaxy S20 5G (SM-G981B/DS) with Android version 13 (Kernel 4.19.87-25304524). Android security patch level is from 1st November 2022. Is this what caused the issue perhaps?

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


@Steffano I just responded to your other post where you used the work-around posted by Christophe in another thread in the support forum:

I wanted to post the link to the that thread in case others look at this thread for help.

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