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The website link to mSeven in the iOS app settings returns a 404 error and needs updating. Not sure why a ticket submitted in the app directed me to a forum site that says it is not for the apo? Seems confusing. Anyway - I have used mSecure for years and it should be a top 5 in all reviewer's ratings.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what's happening here, but I checked what I think is the right link in the settings, and it didn't return a 404 error. Can you let me know exactly which link you are clicking on? Also, when you say the app directed you to a forum site that says it's not for the app, that shouldn't have happened. Again, can you tell me exactly which link you tapped in mSecure's settings? Also, just to be sure I'm on the same page with you, which version of mSecure are you running?

Mike - Replying to your suppprt email requesting info apparently started a new ticket? If you did not get the 4 screenshots I sent email me direct. Thanks, Paul

Thank you for the extra information in your email Paul. You are correct that this has caused some confusion with our customers. We use a third party system called FreshDesk for our support service, and it does allow our users to create a support account that has no ties to their mSecure account. For those that don't understand account systems, they can get pretty turned around by it.

One thing I needed to get some more clarification about is something you mentioned about the Windows app. In the iOS app, the only problem I see is the link that is not opening correctly, and I was able to find it after seeing your screenshot. Now in Windows, I'm not seeing any links that point me to the support site. I see a link to send an email to support, a link to rate and review mSecure in the Microsoft Store, a link to our privacy page and a link to our home page.

I guess in any of the apps, were you able to click a link that took you directly to the support login page? If so, that is not intended and could cause a bunch of confusion.

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