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Sync option not available IOS

Hi, When selecting sync options I’m unable to select any. Whichever selection I make returns me to the previous screen which has “no sync” option Ticket. I have a working dropbox sync set up.

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Hi Marcus,

Thank you for contacting us. It sounds like you are running into an issue we just fixed in the last mSecure update - 5.7.2. Real quick, can you simply force close the mSecure app, then open it again and unlock it to see if you are able to change the sync feature? If that doesn't work, go into the settings of the app, tap on the "About mSecure" option at the bottom of the settings page and let me know which version of mSecure you are running.

I am having the same problem here, running iOS 14.5.1 and mSecure 5.7.2. Sync settings are set to Disable and do not accept to be changed

Hi Gabriel,

We run into this issue every one in awhile now, and we're still not sure what causes it to happen. Can you let me know what devices you are using? Also, are you unable to change the sync settings in any of your mSecure apps, or is it only happening in one or two of them?

Hi Mike,
I had this problem with an iPhone 12 Max Pro running iOS 14.5.1 and mSecure 5.7.2. But after a while, I've found a way of getting through it, uninstalling / reinstalling mSecure on my iPhone. At the end it sounded quite an obvious solution to me... but only after having done it ;-)
One other thing to have in mind is the time a cloud sync may take to be done: after it started to work, I've had goosebumps seeing an empty database (zero records) before iCloud started to repopulate it back with my 340 records!
Thanks anyway for your reply!

No problem at all Gabriel! The reinstall was the next thing I was going to have you do, so nice job =)  We're not sure why this happens, but accounts can get into a state where one or more devices can't update the sync feature. After you do the reinstall, you shouldn't see it happen again on that device. Take care, and let me know should you need further assistance.

Thanks Mike! As said before, I'm a long-time user (12 years!) and fan of the app, and will continue to be...

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