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It has been two years since a significant mSecure release.

Has development stopped?

Many of us have contributed with feature requests - but they seem to have gone nowhere.

Hi Andy,

Thank you for contacting us. We are currently in the process of developing mSecure 6, which will be the next major release. I don't have a concrete release date, but it will be released this year. We're getting pretty close to the first beta release, so all our efforts are focused solely on the new release.

For a bit more information on recent talk about the new release, here is a link to a different thread in the forum:

You'll need to go to the more recent posts to see the most recent talk about v6. There's not a ton of specifics about the new release yet, but they will be coming as we get closer to the official release.

Also, you mentioned feature requests, and some have been added in recent releases. If you can let me know what features you are referring to, I can let you know if they should already be in the app or if they will be available in the first release of v6.

Thanks - here are my requests from the last couple of years:


1) Many financial organizations - especially outside the US use a partial password method to login. 

For example you might be asked to enter characters 3,7 and 13 from a 15 character password.

It is difficult with mSecure5 to identify the positions of these characters.

Workarounds that might help (in lieu of a proper solution) would be to allow multiline passwords and permit use of a monospaced font - allowing:



A better solution would be a new field type that would automatically display the character position.

2) Improve tagging and grouping.

I have two or three sets of "favourites". Ideally (in Windows for example)  I would see multiple different colour stars at the top of the screen and be able to get each of the favourite sets with a single click. 

3) Single touch copy to clipboard on iOS

In older iOS versions of mSecure just touching an item (such as a password) copied it to the clipboard 

 mSecure5 for iOS requires a redundant extra click - first the item is highlighted and then an extra click is required to copy to the clipboard. 


If you are planning any of these I would be happy to help with your beta testing

Hi Andy,

Thanks so much for your feedback! The good news is, all of your requests will be addressed in v6 at least to some degree. For password fields, we are planning to implement at least a monospaced font for the password data. This, of course, is only a step in the right direction. I'm not sure we will ever have a full field to aid with the use case you bring up, but I could see having the ability to tap on the field in such a way that a popup or screen would slide in showing details about the password, like indices for each character.

You'll be happy to know that mSecure 6 has a full tagging system already implemented. For first the release, it will be more about basic organization of records so you can find them more easily via searching and using the filters in the app's menu. But we already have some great improvements on the radar for 6.x releases now that we have the tagging system implemented. It won't look like different colored stars for multiple favorite groups, but it will be somewhat similar.

For iOS, you will have the ability to single-tap to copy data to the clipboard. Each field will have default actions that match the functionality of the field. For example, a phone number type field will trigger the phone to dial the number in the field when you tap directly on the field. Similarly, when tap directly on a URL type field, it will launch a web browser and load the url stored in the field. When the field has default action, that action will be triggered, and there will be a clipboard icon to the right of the field for one-tap copying to the clipboard. When it doesn't have a default action action, there will be no clipboard, and simply tapping on the field once will copy the data to the clipboard.

If you are interested in beta testing let me know. I'll have you send us an email in support so I can get you on the list!

Thanks - yes I would be happy to assist with beta testing - just let me know how to get on the list.

One other request I am eager to see implemented is the ability to store pdf documents - I like to have such things passport, drivers license etc etc available and  pdf is a much more convenient way of storing these things than jpgs.

Hi Andy,

PDF attachments are already implemented as well =)  Go ahead and email us at, and I'll get you added to the beta test list in our support system. Talk soon Andy!

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