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Account Locked due to 'Multiple Login Attempts'

In December (2019), I swapped out a Google Pixel phone for a iPhone 11. The Pixel had a print reader that I used for accessing mSecure. In the rush to get the phone swap done, I assumed that I would be able to access my mSecure from the cloud. 

Now my account says that it is locked due to multiple attempted logins.  How is the best way for me to regain access to my mSecure account?

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Hi John,

Thank you for contacting us. If I understand correctly, it sounds like the password you are entering in for your account is not being accepted. Is that right? When you enter your username ( and your password, is it telling you that either your username or password is incorrect?

I can help you gain access to the account, but for the sake of security, the only way to do so is to entirely reset the account. This deletes all of the data currently stored in the account. Are you wanting to reset your account, or are you hoping to gain access without resetting the account entirely?

What data would be in the account spoken of above? Does the reset wipe the data in the app?

@Scot I'm not sure what you mean here. The data stored in an account is the data stored in mSecure. We use account and the mSecure app sort of interchangeably. However, it's possible a user may be using Wi-Fi syncing or not syncing at all, and in that case, it would simply mean all of the data in mSecure would be deleted, because the data would have never been synced to the online account.

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