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Windows 10 UWP Update Authentication issues

The new update from the Microsoft Store broke my install and now when I try to login and authenticate none of the options work. The file option gives me an error with the QR code png. The clipboard option looks for the QR code (again). The camera option says I’m not authorized to use the QR code with my account. I’ve tested this on an iPad and and iPhone and both recognize my QR code just fine.

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Yes, thanks guys, worked first time the new version was posted/installed. Cheers.

I must state however, I am worried about the integration of MSecure with the MS Store and Windows 10 generally.

I understand there are reasons why it 'can' be a good idea to 'team up' with MS in this area but I think you are taking a material risk in doing so. Two major reasons:

a) MS are not well-respected in the area of security generally.

b) MS are not well-respected in both the security and robustness of their O/S updates.

I'm sure the 'deal' was OK for you, and understand you must consider the platform - just be careful what you give up.


Hi Michael,

Thank you for the confirmation as well! Regarding your comments about using the MS Store, We are looking at possibilities for distributing mSecure outside of the store. However, where we're at right now with development, we will be waiting for Microsoft to make some changes that help the transition. We are hoping at some time in the future it will be reasonable for us to support both a .exe and UWP version of the app.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

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