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Why are we now getting the message "Please do not reply to old topics or topics about a very specific issue or problem. Please create your own discussion or topic instead." 

Is this no longer a community forum where we learn from each other? 

Hi Andy,

The message is simply a note for users. We are not preventing users from replying to old topics or discussing issues in any way. However, often times customers will come into the forum, search key words matching their issue, and then respond the the first topic they view. This topic or discussion tends to be a very old topic and usually does not provide any actual information that can be useful to help with the customer's issue. Because of that, we would much rather users create their own topic for their own issues when seeking help from us or even others in the forums. 

Then perhaps "If you have an issue consider starting a new discussion rather than replying to an old topic" - or similar would get the message across without it appearing that you are trying to shut down discussion of issues.

Thank you very much for suggesting to change the wording of this message Andy! It has been updated, so hopefully it sounds more inviting for user participation.

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