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Bought pro account, not linked to my account


I've just bought a pro account online, with my email, and it does not seem to be connected to my account on my phone. 

Hi Marie,

The purchase of an mSecure 5 (mSecure Pro) license is tied to the account used within the app to start the in-app purchase or the email address to purchase the license directly on our website. The email address you are using on this forum does not have a purchase associated with it. This typically indicates that you are using a different mSecure account email address than the email address or account you used to initial purchase your license with. If you purchased a license, please create a ticket here on our website ( or email us at with a copy of your receipt and we can fix that for you. 


Hello Mike,

Thank you for your answer. 

However, I do not know how to find a receipt for my payment. I bought the pro license on your website, by clicking the "buy now" button. I was then asked for my email, saying the purchase would be tied to the email. But I did not get any receipt and do not know how to connect to my account. 

What can I do? 

The payment is listed in my bank account's list of purchases, but it doesn't specifically name "msecure". 



Hi Marie,

If you purchased a license from our website, our web vendor Paddle who handles the purchase, would have sent you a purchase receipt. if you didn't receive this purchase receipt email, you likely entered your email address with some sort of typo. I've search our system for any similar emails to yours and found a purchase for the mariedoncie at gmail dot com. This looks to be a typo. I have now transferred this purchase over to the proper email address and have sent out a new purchase receipt for you as well. 

Edit: I'm sorry, it seems that the purchase email cannot be sent at this time. However, the account should be a paid account now.

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