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mSecure 5 Pro version in app purchase failed

 I purchased the Pro License on my phone through the mSecure app on my new Pixel 4XL.   For some reason it still shows “Your mSecure trial has expired!” on both my old phone (Galaxy S7) and my new Pixel 4XL. I have opened a ticket from the app and it said "Any questions you may have will be handled most quickly by our support technicians who monitor the forum throughout each week day." I have sent the screenshot from Google Pay showing the purchase date and time also showing what the payment was for. I have also confirmed that the payment went through according to Visa. I have also attached proof of the transaction in the ticket. 

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Hi Carl,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. The purchase of an mSecure 5 license is tied to the mSecure account used to purchase it with. Unfortunately, I do not see an account for the email you used on this forum. I'll view your ticket(s) in our system and answer you directly instead of here on the forum so I'll go ahead and lock/close this topic or discussion.

I can not find a payment ticket.

Hi Cristi,

I'm not sure what you're referring to here. I did check your mSecure account, and it looks like you signed up for a Premium subscription back on December 19th of 2022. That subscription was purchased through the Android mSecure app.

Are you experiencing some type of issue in mSecure? If so, please describe what's happening and I'll help.

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