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Dark Mode on PC and Fonts

 My needs are simple...I'm getting old (eyes not as good as they used to be) and the fonts seem fine to me both in ios and pc versions.  The issue I have with text isn't the font so much as the shade of gray used for things like username, website, password and so on in the pc version of msecure.  They are pretty light for me; admittedly a small complaint but this is feature requests!  Will dark mode be implemented for Windows as it has been on ios and Mac?  I actually use all three and I think dark mode is probably the answer for my issue with Windows version.  Love msecure otherwise and many other changes I desire have been addressed under other topics.


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for the feature request. We are about to release a dark theme for Android, and we are looking at adding a dark mode or theme on Windows in the future as well. At the very least we are looking to allow your Windows theme settings to be applied to the app as well. However, we do not currently have a date in mind for this update. 

Eden,, thanks for your quick reply and for considering my feature request.  I use MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, but also the Windows pc and use them about equally.  

thanks again


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